Where is Ō Pure Water from?

Ō Pure water is 100% natural artesian water from New Zealand, direct from the aquifer, untouched by mankind.

What is Natural Artesian Water and how is it formed?

Our Natural Artesian Water comes from one of the world’s oldest and purest aquifers, formed over 250,000 years ago. An aquifer is naturally formed in an underground chamber of water-bearing permeable rock consisting of layers of stone from which naturally purified water can be extracted. This water is naturally protected from contaminates by further protective rock, so when it is extracted, nothing has touched the water from the source, to the bottle.

Why Natural Artesian Water and why not Spring, Purified or Mineral Water?

Spring water can attract impurities or contaminates from the ground and air during its extraction process, which is when it bubbles to the surface along its unprotected path. Purified water is filtered water that has come from any source but needs further ‘cleaning’ to become drinkable. However, some things cannot be removed from this process, which include environmental pollutants (antibiotics, pesticides and other contaminates that have been picked up along the way). Mineral Water contains added minerals or other dissolved substances to improve the taste or its presence on the market. Our Natural Artesian Water has come from a naturally protected source that is free from any human intervention, or surface environment contact.

What makes Ō Pure Water different?

Ō Pure water is different to other waters on the market because it is from a protected aquifer and the water is completely untouched from source to consumption. It is a unique water source and product, rich in naturally found minerals and has a soft and fresh taste. If anything can be described as pure, this can.

Does Ō Pure meet Bottled Water Regulations for Water Quality?

Yes, Ō Pure water conforms to water regulations for water quality. Contact us if you would like further information.

What type of minerals does Ō Pure Water contain?

Ō Pure is Natural Artesian Water that has just the right balance of the minerals Silica, Magnesium and Calcium. Silica is what gives Ō Pure it’s ‘soft’ taste and the perfect levels of calcium and magnesium prevent the water from being too ‘hard’.
Sodium 8.81, Potassium 1.30, Calcium 17.9, Magnesium 3.56, Chloride 6.75, Silica 21.0, Fluoride 0.13, Total Dissolved Solids 87, pH 7.6

Does Ō Pure Water have Electrolytes?

Ō Pure Water has only naturally occurring electrolytes, such as magnesium, potassium, sodium and chloride.

What is the pH of Ō Pure?

Ō Pure has a pH of 7.7. Solutions with a pH reading of less than 7 are considered to be ‘acidic’ and those over 7, ‘alkaline’. Drinking water that is further on the alkaline side of the scale are said to help to balance the acidity levels found in the human body amongst other health benefits.

What plastic does Ō Pure use to make their bottles?

Ō Pure bottles are made from high-grade PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic, they are fully recyclable and safe for contact with food and beverages.

Who do I contact for distribution details?

Please email our sales team on sales@opure.kiwi

Where can I buy Ō Pure caps, tee shirts and other cool stuff?

You can buy our cool merchandise from our website.

How do I enquire about sponsorship?

Please email our marketing team on sales@opure.kiwi